Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the First of Christmas Dinners

Last night, was the first of the "Christmas Parties" and it was for work... a great night was had by all that attended, and was held at Kalevu Restaruant - Sylvania... a lovely restaurant, but vey decorative food... What I will never understand is why when I order a steak, that is what comes out on my plate... just a steak, nothing else.... if I want vegies, I have to order them seperate, or salad and chips, I have to order them seperate.... I find this bizare.... I mean to say, just feed me a propper dinner !!!!!!

I wanted to go next door and get a hamburger and a proper serve of chips... hehehehe....

Monday, November 17, 2008

I guess this is where it all begins ?

Well, this is a new beginning, my first blog.... Lets see where it takes us.

I guess this all begun in January 08, when my life made a huge change, some very important decisions were made and life as I knew it became incredibly different.

Until then, I had a very carefree life, working my own business, my own times, partying when I could, and living life in the very fast lane. I had many friends, and enjoyed the friends, their company and many playful times.

There have been many many times when life has gotten too hard, when my heart has been kicked and battered, the pocket seemed empty - like the tummy, but I have made my way through all these and become a stronger and better man from the lessons that have been learnt.

My good friend had many sayings, and was always a wise and wonderful woman that I could spend many hours talking, learning, studdying etc, one of her sayings -

Experience is a hard teacher,

as she gives the test first

and the lesson after.

Oh how very true, and I am sure that there are a world full of people that have learnt this lesson, some in a very hard way.

That is enough of the past, well, that far back anyway, and 28th October 2007 is when I fell in love with a passion that had never been known or felt before. I leave all behind me and move to Sydney for my new life, a life of blissful happiness and love.

I get a marvelous job in Sydney which gives me the freedom and yet the stability to ground myself in Sydney and build the perfect future.

Well over the past year, life only gets better and better, and we celebrate our first anniversary. We both are still very happy and life seems to be smooth sailing.

I have been learning Auslan - Signing for the Deaf, at Tafe for 6 months now, and I do this with my good friend Ken. We have such a good time, and have been refered to as the "Class Clowns" Well, all I can say to this is that if being a clown makes people happy, bring it on..... this is a two year corse and we are a quarter through it... it is getting harder, but so very rewarding.